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With product images showcasing the range, the site allows the customer to make an informed decision and easily access someone to discuss their options with.
It is important that you make the data you have work for you! No matter what kind of data you're relying on we can structure it to reduce your paperwork and report useful results to you at the click of a button.
Small businesses often record critical information in excel worksheets or on paper, and over time this style of working become awkward and time consuming. By creating a database, a contact list can become a fully featured contact management system, a list of work in progress can become a multiple user jobs database, while manually created picking slips can become entirely paperless by using touch screen monitors. This reduces cost and increases efficiency, with the goal of the system paying for itself after a short period of time.

We work extensively with Filemaker, SQL and Access databases, have designed many custom databases as well as modifying, repairing and improving exisiting databases.

Please contact us to find out the ways we can help you get the most out of your systems!
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