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With product images showcasing the range, the site allows the customer to make an informed decision and easily access someone to discuss their options with.
At Pixel Cube we aim to provide all of your I.T. solutions in one basket. Whatever your technology needs, from online advertising to computer support, Pixel Cube can support you.
We believe I.T is an excellent way to simplify your business and reduce costs. We aim to create systems to save you time, increase your productivity and above all take the stress out of I.T. so you can focus on your business growth. As your business grows and your needs increase, our I.T. solutions will grow with you, and we will facilitate every part of that growth. Above all we aim to make I.T. a powerful and cost effective addition to your business.

Joanne Bolt:

Jo is our primary web and graphic designer, and was responsible for most of the designs found on the Web Design Portfolio. Jo's extensive retail management experience gives her a practical understanding of the unique requirements of Point-of-Sale systems, and as such she has done excellent work as job manager for many commercial IT setups.

Malcolm Boully:

Mal has been a technician with Pixel Cube for nearly 5 years and has an extraordinary amount of experience in desktop support. His skills include the configuration of domain workstations, anti-virus and disaster prevention, network troubleshooting and is our resident expert on wireless connections.

Sverre Gunnersen:

Sverre is one of the two partners of Pixel Cube. After completing Monash University's Bachelor of Business Systems, he went on to do his thesis in the motivating forces of IT adoption. As such Sverre ensures that Pixel Cube's customers always receive independent advice, value for money and most importantly that Pixel Cube's recommendations represent the best cost-benefit for the client.

Roy Tang:

Roy has extensive experience in web and database programming including PHP, ASP, Access and MySQL, as well as many off-the-shell software packages that utilise those technologies including Content Management Systems such as Joomla, shopping carts such as ZenCart and so on, not to mention the many custom solutions he has written.

Ben Merton:

A founding partner of Pixel Cube, Ben has been providing IT support to small businesses for over 10 years. Ben's commitment to the very best levels of customer service drives Pixel Cube in its overall mission: providing corporate level technology to small and medium enterprise.

Michael Rowe:

Being the Pixel Cube office manager, Michael has a wide background in desktop support, server support and web design and programming. He ensures that our customers can always speak to someone who knows what's going on, and that every job is seen through to completion.

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